Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I contact you? 
A: Email: info@nickeldimesyrups.com Our mailing address is 484 Lake Park Ave #662 Oakland, CA 94610

Q: What can you tell me about what's in it?
A: We only use natural ingredients. We don't use chemicals, or preservatives. Each syrup has a slightly different ingredient list, but they all contain some version of Invert syrup, water, natural flavors, and extracts. 

Q: What is Invert Syrup?
A: Invert Syrup is regular sugar (sucrose) that has been converted by enzymatic hydrolysis into fructose and sucrose. We use it to prevent our syrups from crystalizing. It is used in many baking recipes and is as natural as the sugar it comes from. 

Q: Do I need to refrigerate these syrups?
A: Once opened, it is best to refrigerate all syrups to extend their shelf life. If your bottle hasn't been refrigerated, check for mold growth, or gas escaping when you open it. If neither of these conditions exist, your syrup is safe to use, just put it in the fridge if you aren't going to use it all at once. 

Q: Where can I purchase your syrups wholesale? 
A: Send us an email at info@nickeldimesyrups.com with the subject: wholesale

Q: Do you make sample packs?
A: We're working on it, but we're a small company and you'd be surprised how expensive it is. 

Q: If you had to pick just one, which one would it be:
A: It depends on you, but both Caged Heat and Fairy Dust are something special. The original Caged Heat cocktail has reached cult status in Oakland as the must try cocktail, and Fairy Dust isn't far behind. 

Q: How spicy is Caged Heat?
A: Medium spicy. Though we use Ghost Pepper, one of the world''s spiciest chilis, to bring the heat to Caged Heat, a little goes a long way. It is seductively spicy. The heat shows up towards the end of the sip at the back of the throat and hangs out a bit for a lingering finish. It makes you want to go again and again for that little rush. 

Q: Does Fairy Dust taste like licorice?
A: Though similar, licorice, fennel, and anise taste quite different and have different intensities. Fairy Dust is more like a fresh fennel salad. It's light and bright, floral and heavenly. We hear time and again from folks who tried it that they didn't think they liked that flavor, only to find out that they love it. 

Q: Will wormwood make me hallucinate?
A: It will not. Our wormwood is thujone free as required by the FDA. 

Q: What's the deal with the Smoked Tea in Crimson Smoke?
A: Crimson Smoke's unusual and intense aroma comes from Lapsang Souchong, a cedar smoked black tea. It's a surprising experience, but if you like Mezcal, or the peated whiskies of the islands of Scotland, then you should be well primed for this ride. 

Q: Is there caffeine in Cherry Bomb? 
A: Nope. Cherry Bomb has the flavor of coffee, but not the caffeine. 

Q: Do I have to follow your recipe?
A: We hope that you'll try it our way first just like the recipe on the label says, but after that, go nuts, get creative, impress us. Send us your creations with photos and commentary at info@nickeldimesyrups.com or tag us on your posts. We love seeing that shit.

Q: Do I really have to use fresh juice?
A: If you want your cocktail to taste the best it can, yes, fresh is best. If all you've got is bottled juice, then go ahead, just don't look at us when you do it. 

Q: Do you make sugar free versions?
A: No, we don't. We're sorry. It's a personal bias and you're not wrong for wanting it. We haven't found a good alternative yet, and we've tried them all. Someday. 

Q: Does this make my ass look fat?
A: It does. We think fat is sexy. And so are you. Thanks for asking. 

Q: How many drinks does one bottle make?
A: If you follow our recipe, about 15 drinks, give or take. 

Q: How come there's no egg white in your recipe for the "Spicy Whisky Sour?"
A: The use of egg whites in Whiskey Sours has gone in and out of fashion over time. Jerry Thomas who published the first cocktail recipe book didn't include it in his recipe, but many of his contemporaries did. Today, whether your whiskey sour has egg white in it will depend on the bartender making it. We personally love egg white sours, but for Caged Heat, it became easier to explain what kind of cocktail it was by calling it a spicy whiskey sour even though it doesn't call for egg. We highly encourage you to use egg white, or it's vegan counterpoint aquafaba with any of our syrups if that appeals to you. 

Q: How can I request you at my favorite nearby store?
A: You can request they carry it here